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Jackson Stamper

Sous Chef

Jackson’s career in the kitchen began while working as a barback in an upscale wine bar in Orlando, Florida. There, his insatiable curiosity about the kitchen got the best of him. He spent hours of his free time in the back, watching the line cooks push out meals in perfect unison, learning the tricks of the trade. His passion for cooking led him to pursue various jobs in Florida, and then Philadelphia.

It was in Philly that he met his mentor and friend, Chef Carlos Barroz. Under his guidance, Jackson served four years at the Hoof and Fin in philly and Quahogs in Jersey until he was asked by Barroz to help open his next venture in Hell’s Kitchen. After the completion of the project, La Pulperia, he was introduced to Chef Josh Blakely, a former Sous Chef at EO, who insisted he meet with Chef Julia Jaksic. They hit it off right away, and Jackson was hired as Sous Chef.